3GuySolo6172012Part2 HD WMV

Part 2Brand new NEVER before seen ANYWHERE and EXCLUSIVE to StrangeProductionsLLC.com, this store, and my other stores:Zack Sunshine: Blond haired, blue eyed, big cock!Flaco: MMA fighter and free runner!Nick: Nice guy from up North.I advertised all over and found 3 guys to compete in a contest to win a contract with my company.A lot of you guys email and ask me "How do I get into porn" Well the main thing is, get hard, stay hard, and cum on command.A lot of you think it is so easy but always fail so I decided to do a bit of the old "casting couch" and kill two birds.All three compete to win a contract and 10 scenes with my company, second place won $50 I think and last place …well who cares.Who do you think will place first and who will place last?Watch as these 3 young adults stroke their cocks until they blow their loads! You get not 1 but THREE cocks and loads to choose from!Be warned. In part 1 SOMEONE cums so don’t think you can just skip to part two to see the outcome!

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